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Large Steelband supplies

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If you run a large steelband or school band, you might find it much more economical to buy your pan supplies at wholesale prices. Putting together a set of basic mallets or sticks is quite easy if you have the parts you need. At Kakesa PE we provide all the raw materials you need at wholesale prices so you can equip your band and save money too. Whether it's rubber tips, shafts or handles for mallets, loops for hanging pans, covers or cases, we bring quality items to you at rock bottom prices.


When it comes to steel drum mallets or sticks, it's all about the "POC - Point-of-Contact"! Whether your mallet shaft is wood, aluminum or carbon fiber, the right rubber tip makes all the difference. At KPE (Kakesa Pan Emporium) we are constantly researching the best mallet tips for your tenor, lead, double second, cello, guitar [...]

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