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Pan Wisdom

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Why do you play the Pan? Have you thought about it? If you're not quite sure, here's what we found out about people who love to play the Pan. Actually, there are three types of pan players. 

Type 1 plays for the fun, is fascinated by the novelty and exotic nature of the instrument. And playing respectably in a fairly short time is an easily achievable accomplishment. For these pan players, the experience can serve as a great source of stress relief, promoting positive mental health and a sense of belongingness, especially in a community setting. 

Type 2 can also appreciate the fun in playing the Pan but also sees it as an opportunity earn income. Because of its uniqueness and popularity, people are willing to pay a good dollar just to enjoy the surreal ambience it creates. Type 2 sees this as a prospect for making money while having fun doing something you love. There's no better life. 

Type 3 is the consummate musician who has something to say and sees the Pan as the perfect voice for his/her message. Type 3 aims to heal, build a legacy, or impress others and win adulation. 

Whichever group you belong to, the bottom line is you believe you will 'feel good' from playing the Pan. And that's where KaKesa Steelpan Mallets(r) come in. We believe we have found a simple formula in crafting mallets that makes you 'feel good' and play good by bringing out the best possible sound from your pan. We call it POC technology, which stands for (point-of-contact); that's where the rubber meets the steel. Or as a famous calypsonian once wrote: where "sticks and steel sing when they kiss". You feel it from your first hit, you magically play better and sound better. And the cycle perpetuates itself. What are you playing with? For whatever reason you're into the Pan, you should always 'feel good, play good and sound good'. Kick-start the cycle with KaKesa Steelpan Mallets!